Hannes Winbäck

UX | Interaction Design | Cognitive Science

Projects – Current Employment

Im my current position I lead the design work and I am responsible for the overall user experience in our products and internal tools, as the only designer. We are designing products that need to be scalable across a global market meeting the needs for multiple user types. As we work towards the real estate business our core users are Real Estate Agents and other roles related to them. As we are providing products that help our Agents, it means we are also designing for their customers, the Sellers and Buyers of homes. And to support these products we have various internal users that we build dedicated tools for. Designing for this complex user structure requires to always empathize with various and sometimes conflicting needs.

I am a driver and contributor in all parts of the design process from research, design, testing and validation. I love facilitating design and product work by, for example, leading workshops and establishing a shared understanding of user needs or design handoff and iteration with developers. My major responsibilities in this role are; research and validation, ideation, prototyping, user journeys and flows, requirements, user testing, localisation and UX copywriting.

I constantly aim to improve collaboration in cross functional teams and value and appreciate working closely to different stakeholders. I am strong believer in that good design work happens only by good collaboration, knowing your users needs and how they relate your business context.

Below you find a list of various projects where I have contributed and that I’ll gladly tell you more about in person.

Projects and impact

  • User research and validation – Created foundation and process
  • Redesign of platform – Designing scalable UI with modern frontend tech stack – UX Design and validation, Requirements work, Localization management
  • Business’s core product innovation – UX & Service Design/Research/Validation/Maintenance/Localization
  • Design System – Creating a design system for scalable and consistent UI components
  • Strategic roadmap that helped secure company’s future – Service/UX design, Ideation and workshops lead
  • Internal ad publishing tool to optimize work flow – UX/UI Design and validation
  • Internal Lead handling System with complex business logic – Service/ UX/UI/Design, Project managing
  • Building and establishing team work – Design/Frontend/Backend
  • Facilitating requirements and user needs work with strong minded internal stakeholders
  • Managing and scaling localization of products – Creating, managing and refining process
  • Facilitator Brand redesign project