Hannes Winbäck

UX | Interaction Design | Cognitive Science

The UniLodger

The UniLodger was a design project aiming to design a web service for people co-owning a holiday house. 

Designers: Johan Sjöberg and Hannes Winbäck

The design process was based on activity centered design which, together with the early involvement of potential users, served as a good foundation for making informed design decisions.

The major events in the design process were:

  • Ideation trying to identify possible activities
  • Five semi structured interviews to better understand the target user group and their activities.
    • To investigate if the ideated activities matched the needs of persons with actual experience of co-owning a house.
  • Affinity diagramming the interview outcome
    • Resulting in listed requirements
  • Wireframe prototype
  • An interactive prototype, using Sketch software an Invisionapp.

  • User testing of the interactive prototype, using a think aloud method.

Below you find prototype examples from the interface.