Hannes Winbäck

UX | Interaction Design | Cognitive Science

TangiWeb – A Tangible User Interface For Web Design

TangiWeb was developed to explore how interactive technologies can teach children about coding and design, as well as inspire them to pursue future careers in this domain. This was done in the context of developing ways of improving interactivity at science centers. The client for this particular project was therefore Universeum in Gothenburg .

By creating a fun way for kids to build their own website with the help of tangible blocks, the user can explore the concept of web design. The blocks, containing different content, are placed on a table surface and can be arranged in any way the user wants to. When the designer is satisfied with the result, the site is published and the user can visit it anytime and share it with friends.

A proof of concept was created in terms of a fully functional prototype where the user could arrange content. This, by placing and moving blocks to add and arrange content of the intended website. For future work an actual website should be created and a business card for the future webdesigner printed, including the link to the website in order to revisit it


A very competent team work designed this concept and built the prototype. My major contribution was; building the physical prototype, producing the concept video, designing the logotype, participating in ideating and refining the concept and acting as project manager.

Please view read more the concept video at the website: http://idxpo.se/2016/tangiweb/