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The CommentHater

This is a User Experience project. The goal was to design to induce a certain emotion and in the same time criticize some aspect in the society. In this solution the goal was to create a design which evokes reflection in persons who post hateful comments online. It is suppose to criticize the expanding issue of web hatred and the inability to counteract this in a direct manner.

The solution builds on the notions of that; eye contact might reduce hatefulness, no existing prevention directed towards the individual user and that physical hinders at locations for suicide reduces likelihood of realizing the suicide. As it is impossible to know if a desired emotion is evoked in a user or not, the solution must be tested on actual users. Even then, one cannot be sure that the design fulfills your intended result, but through iterations and testing it is possible to get closer to that goal. Please note that this is a concept created to criticize and evoke emotions and is not tested live on users. It is however iterated carefully in a design process with the honest attempt to reach a feasible result.

Below, the design is explained through a scenario and a video, which is created in Sketch and iMovie. The goal and backbone for the design is also added at the end. This scenario is is part of a presentation which can be reached here.

front page

Scenario 1Scenario 2Scenario 3 Scenario 4 Scenario 5

End screen video Design Goal, Critisism & EmotionBackbone